Money for Mitigation Grant Program


Welcome to Firewise. Firewise is a national program that focuses on creating defensible space and safe access for homes in the wildland urban interface so in the event of a wildfire the chances of survival are much greater.

The Virginia Department of Forestry (VDOF) is pleased to announce the Firewise Virginia campaign. Firewise Virginia offers new opportunities for communities in the wildland/urban interface (WUI) to take positive measures to reduce potential threats from wildfire.

The VDOF recently completed a Geographic Information System (GIS) - based Wildfire Risk Assessment of the entire state. Agency Firewise Specialists are now actively working to better assess the level of wildfire risk for the 4000+ individual, at risk, WUI communities identified in the Commonwealth, however, this is only the first step in the process. Once communities have been visited and assessed for their level of wildfire risk, positive actions need to be taken to help reduce or mitigate the hazards identified.

Thanks to National Fire Plan grant monies obtained by the agency, the VDOF is able to offer a new Money for Mitigation sub-grant program to these at-risk communities to provide a portion of the funding necessary to complete hazard mitigation type projects aimed at reducing the identified hazards.

Our application form, Firewise Virginia Community Hazard Mitigation Grant (English;(Word template format) is also available.

Specific information about the Firewise Virginia campaign can be found online at

I would encourage everyone to take advantage of this program, and to be more Firewise! I am excited at this opportunity for the Commonwealth, and for the chance we have as fire service professionals to go into high-risk areas and do something that will make a difference.

As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

John Miller
Chief, Resource Protection
Virginia Department of Forestry

National Fire Plan Hazard Mitigation – Federal Assistance Funding

Grants are awarded for projects to reduce the wildfire risk and/or hazard in Virginia’s wildland/urban interface communities. Grant priority will be given based on the assessed wildfire risk level for the community and for the type of project being submitted. The list below shows the types of hazard mitigation projects that will be considered for assistance.

Eligible Projects

  • Completion of a community wildfire hazard assessment
  • GIS mapping of at risk communities.
  • Individual home wildfire hazard assessments.
  • Consulting services to conduct a community assessment or complete an Emergency Action Plan with the coordination of a Virginia Department of Forestry Firewise Specialist.
  • Mechanical removal or reduction of a hazard fuels.
  • Development or improvement of existing firebreaks.
  • Development or improvement of gated emergency access roads.
  • Fuel treatments to increase a community’s defensible space.
  • Widening cul-de-sacs and turnarounds for wildfire equipment access purposes.
  • Dry hydrants or other water source improvements to upgrade community water resources.
  • Signage to identify roads and residences.
  • Gate construction on emergency access roads.
  • Non-promotional wildland/urban interface education and safety materials that will be used within the community.
  • Leasing or contracting equipment and other resources to complete an eligible project.
  • Other mitigation activities that are recognized on the Firewise Virginia - Formal Community Assessment form or projects formally recommended by a Virginia Department of Forestry Firewise Specialist.

Projects That Will Not Be Accepted

  • Producing promotional literature to enhance the sale of the community.
  • Building roads to access the community other than a gated emergency access road.
  • Consulting services other than for wildfire safety and preparedness.
  • Any other project outside the intent of the National Fire Plan as interpreted by the Virginia Department of Forestry.


The community will be responsible for general maintenance of the project site for the longevity of the project.


Projects should normally be completed within one year of funding. The Department of Forestry has the right to reject any and all project proposals.

  • Applications for assistance will be accepted on a continual basis.
  • Application funding will occur each quarter based on funding availability.
  • The quarterly approval/funding dates are: Jan. 1, April 1, July 1, Oct. 1
  • Applications must be received at least 10 working days before the quarterly approval/funding date, or they will be held for the next period. Lower priority projects may be held for more than one review period.


  • John Miller, Virginia Department of Forestry

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