Wildfire in Virginia

For many people, the words “wildfire” and “Virginia” might not seem to go together, but wildfire risk is a genuine concern. Each year, about 1,600 wildfires consume a total of 8,000-10,000 acres of forest and grassland in the state.

Here you'll find out about wildfires, fighting wildfires, and what you can do to reduce your wildfire risk.

Fire and the Environment

Fighting Wildland Fire

This thumbnail graphic links to a larger version of the Ten Standard Fire Orders.This thumbnail graphic links to a larger version of the 18 Watchout Situations.

Take a look at wildland firefighting and learn more about what is involved in this dangerous work.

Firefighter - What's it like to fight a wildfire? Hear about it in their own words.

Lessons Learned - A wildfire lesson is truly learned when we modify our behavior to reflect what we now know.

The fire community continuously works to find new ways to keep firefighters safe on the fireline, taking Six Minutes For Safety will have a tremendous positive impact.


Looking Out For Wildfires

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