Old Flat State Forest

The Old Flat State Forest is 320 acres of highland meadows and upland forest with species typical of the northeastern US. It is located near the summit of Mount Rogers in Grayson county near the village of Whitetop, VA. The property borders a private Christmas tree farm, the United Sates Forest Service and the Grayson Highlands State Park. Old Flat was acquired by the Virginia Department of Forestry (DOF) to provide a site for a second cycle Fraser fir seed orchard and research opportunities for high elevation tree species. The property will be jointly managed by the Mount Rogers Area Christmas Tree Growers Association and the DOF.

  • Hunting: Prohibited.
  • Lat-Long: TBD

Use Permit | Parking/Hours | Recreation | Regulations

State Forest Use Permit

A State Forest Use Permit may be required for visitors to the state forests.

Parking/Hours of Operation

  • Open daily from dawn to dusk.
  • Email the forest personnel.

Recreation Opportunities

All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)

Motorized vehicles of any type are prohibited on all of the state forests.


Camping is not allowed.

Horseback Riding

Horses are permitted on the forest.

Coggins Test Certificates must be available for each horse on State lands.

We recommend that equestrians dismount and lead their horse over bridges and across streams.


Hunting is PROHIBITED on the Old Flat State Forest.

State Forest Regulations

To ensure your safety, read our complete state forest regulations before visiting a forest.

  • No removal of any tree, plant or mineral.
  • Remove all trash.
  • Motorized vehicles of any type are prohibited
  • No camping or public display of alcohol.
  • No fireworks, campfires or open air fires of any type.
  • Lawful firearms are permitted.
  • Hunting is prohibited.
  • Fishing in designated areas only in accordance with state fishing regulations.
  • Gasoline motorized boats are not permitted.
  • Vehicular traffic on established roads only; not permitted on gated roads.

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