Riparian Buffer Tax Credit

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How To Apply

Landowners  must submit the Form 179 along with either a shape file of the area or a hardcopy map.

Landowners who apply for the Riparian Buffer Tax Credit are required to furnish their local VDOF office with the following items in addition to the Application.

  • Application fee of $150*.
  • Copy of VDOF approved Stewardship Management Plan.
    The criteria for a Stewardship Plan (meeting National Standards) are available from the Virginia Department of Forestry. The tract must be at least 10 acres in size (including the contained buffers)
  • Proof of land ownership
    (Copy of title or deed, copy of last year's tax bill, etc.)
  • Proof of value of timber remaining in the buffer from specific riparian buffer cruise OR proof of overall harvest value and harvest acres for prorated value timber value based on acreage.
  • Map of buffers: either as a shape file or hardcopy, see below.
    VDOF encourages Landowners seek the services of a professional forestry consultant. A list of consultants can be found on this Web site.

Applying with Hardcopy Application and Hardcopy Map

An acceptable map must meet the following requirements:

  • Buffers must be drawn on a USGS 7.5” Topographic Quadrangle (Topo Quad).
  • The Topo Quad base map cannot be reduced from its original scale (of 1” = 2000'). It may, however, be enlarged.
  • The Topo Quad Name(s) used must be indicated on the Map.
  • The perimeter of each buffer must be clearly visible on the map and labeled with consecutive numbers (i.e. 1, 2, 3)
  • The drawn buffers must accurately reflect the buffer boundary locations on the ground.
  • If the Topo Quad is black-and-white (from photocopy), buffers must be drawn in a color other than black.
  • The map must be submitted with and at the same time as the other supporting documents for the application (i.e. Stewardship Plan, Proof of Property Ownership, Harvest Value info, etc.)

Your local forester will transfer your hardcopy map into VDOF's system by using the IFRIS Mapper.

  • Form 18.8 Riparian Buffer Tax Credit Application [Word format]
  • Form 18.9 Riparian Buffer Tax Credit S-Corporation/Partnership Landowner Information [Word format] - for use with mutiple landowners and S-corporation or Partnerships

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