Riparian Buffer Tax Credit

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Required Information for Application

1. Landowner Information

  • Contact Person's Name, Address, Phone Number, and Email address (all correspondence will go to this person)
  • Landowner(s) Name, SSN, and % of Tax Credit to be received by each individual. If Landowner is an S-Corporation, have ready the Name, FEIN, Address, and phone number as well as all Individual Shareholder Names and SSN's and % of Tax credit to allocate.

2. Property Information

  • Name of County/City property is in
  • Location of tract (for site visit purposes)
  • Legal Description/Plat Reference
  • Either Total Harvest Value and Total Harvest Acres OR Buffer Timber Value based on Cruise
  • Degree of Harvest in buffer (partial or none)
  • Date of Harvest Completion (MMDDYY)

3. Map Information

  • You will need to be able to draw the perimeter of the buffer(s) on either 2002 true color aerial photography or USGS 7.5” Topographic Quadrangles.

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