Riparian Buffer Tax Credit

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Application Review Process

Certification Procedure

  1. The Area Forester (AF) will receive the application and supporting documentation in hard copy form.
  2. Area Forester will review the application to see it is complete, correct, and supporting documentation is included. Area Forester will visit the property to inspect the buffer (if it was not already inspected as part of the Harvest Inspection).
  3. The Area Forester will approve application if all documentation proves acceptable.
  4. VDOF GIS staff receives application from Forester. GIS staff will review the map online for compliance with the guidelines
  5. GIS staff approves the application.
  6. Email is generated for AF that application is fully approved and certification is ready to be printed, signed and sent to landowner. Certification letter will be provided by GIS Staff in email sent to Area Forester.
  7. If GIS denies the application (buffer is too narrow/too wide/not along waterway). GIS staff and AF will confer about appropriate method to edit mapCopies of applications and certification documents will be retained by the GIS Staff.

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