Riparian Buffer Tax Credit:
Buffer Valuation

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Buffer Value

Timber value within the buffer can be estimated either by using the average value of the harvest sale for that tract OR from a professional timber cruise of the timber in the buffer area. If the landowner performs a partial harvest within the buffer, then the buffer timber value is decreased by half. The Area Forester will review the statement of value of the timber remaining in the buffer and determine if it appears reasonable.

The amount of the credit is 25% of the value of the timber in the buffer, up to $17,500.

Example of average value:

  1. 50 acres harvested
  2. $50,000 paid for the timber on the 50 acres
  3. $1000 average price per acre
  4. 5 acres Riparian Buffer retained
  5. $5000 total value of timber retained in buffer if no cutting takes place in buffer.
  6. If the buffer is partially harvested, the total value of the timber in the buffer is half of the per acre value established for the tract. In other words, $2500 is the value of timber retained in buffer with a partial harvest.
  7. The landowner can claim 25% of the value retained. In this case, if no cutting takes place in the buffer the landowner can claim a $1250 tax credit; or, if the buffer was partially harvested the tax credit would be $625.

When value is based on average value, the VDOF Area Foresterwill calculate the tax credit per landowner based on percent ownership, harvest value, harvest acreage, harvest degree within buffer, and the buffer area from the map.

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