Choose the Right Tree and the Right Location

A tree is a long term investment, so plant the right tree in the right location. A correctly planted tree will not grow well or meet your expectations if it is selected for or planted in the wrong location. Carefully plan your landscape before you plant your trees.

  1. Plant understory trees, like dogwoods, in shade, not in full sun.
  2. Do not plant water-loving trees, like willows, near septic fields or water sources. Relocate or change species.
  3. Align trees for wind screens where they will block winter wind, not where wind will funnel around or between them.
  4. Avoid planting trees with leaf or fruit "litter" near pools, decks and paving. Place them where they shade and self mulch.
  5. Avoid planting evergreens where they block winter sun. Instead, plant deciduous trees for summer shade and winter solar radiation.
  6. Avoid planting trees too close to the house. Plant farther away, or plant smaller trees and shrubs.
  7. Cars can scrape and bruise tree trunks. Locate trees away from parking spaces or areas where they can be vandalized.
  8. Branches can create hazards or block views. Locate trees away from street corners, or vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
  9. Avoid planting trees directly under utility lines. Locate trees away from lines or plant smaller, low-growing trees or large shrubs.
  10. Plant trees away from sidewalks to allow root expansion without pavement buckling.