Cost Share Programs

Conservation Incentive Programs allow Virginia land owners to receive a financial benefit for helping in conservation efforts. By “sharing the costs” with government agencies, land users can undertake projects they could not afford to do on their own. These popular “cost-share” programs are listed in the table below or download this an easy-to-read list of the programs [PDF format].

If you need additional information, contact the agency sponsors.

  • DCR - Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation
  • FSA - Farm Service Agency
  • NRCS - Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • SWCD - Soil and Water Conservation District
  • USFWS - U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
  • VDOF - Virginia Department of Forestry

Environmental Protection

Program Name Agency Sponsors Eligible Areas Sign Up Dates
Conservation Reserve Enhancement
FSA, VDOF, DCR Targeted Watersheds Continuous
Conservation Reserve Program
Environmentally Sensitive Land
FSA Statewide To Be Announced
Conservation Reserve Program
Highly Erodible Land
FSA Statewide Continuous
Conservation Stewardship Program
NRCS Eligible lands include cropland, grassland, prairie land, improved pastureland, rangeland, nonindustrial private forest land, and agricultural land under the jurisdiction of an Indian tribe. To Be Announced
Environmental Quality Incentive
Program (EQIP)
NRCS Statewide Continuous

Flood Protection and Clean Up

Program Name Agency Sponsors Eligible Areas Sign Up Dates
Emergency Conservation Program
FSA Targeted Pending
Emergency Watershed Protection
NRCS Targeted Pending
Watershed Protection Projects
NRCS Targeted

Water Quality

Program Name Summary: Eligibility: Practices:
Forests To Faucets.

This project will study the link between rural landowners’ financial interests and their forestland management practices in the South Fork Rivanna River (SFRR) Reservoir watershed to municipal water consumers in the City of Charlottesville and the Urban Areas of Albemarle County.

Rivanna River Basin Forests to Faucets website
Water Quality Improvement Fund (WQIF)

These Regional Grants are designed to restore and/or improve riparian health through the use of tree plantings or other vegetative techniques and may include riparian buffer tree planting, stream restoration and stabilization, rain gardens and non CREP stream tree planting.

The objective is to use on the ground accomplishments to obtain measurable improvement in water quality. Funding is available on a 50/50 match basis. In-kind match including volunteer time is permissible. Funding will be on a first come first serve basis.

Private landowners, local governments, active logging contractors, others
  • Water quality improvement that includes tree planting
  • Stream crossings for active logging that include temporary bridges
Logging Best Management Practices (BMP) Cost-share Program VDOF Statewide Continuous
Nutrient Management Equipment
Tax Credit Program
SWCD Statewide Continuous
Riparian Forest Buffer
Tax Credit Program (RFBTC)
VDOF Statewide Continuous
Virginia Agricultural Best Management Practices (BMP)
Cost-Share Program
SWCD Statewide
Virginia Agricultural Best Management Practices (BMP)
Loan Program
DEQ Statewide Continuous
Virginia Small Business Financing Authority DEQ Statewide Continuous
Virginia Best Management Practices (BMP)
Tax Credit Program
SWCD Statewide Continuous


Program Name Agency Sponsors Eligible Areas Sign Up Dates
Wetland Reserve Program
NRCS Statewide Continuous


Program Name Agency Sponsors Eligible Areas Sign Up Dates
Forestry Quail Habitat Recovery Program VDOF 15 counties July 1- April 15
Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program Information (WHIP) NRCS Statewide Continuous
Partners for Fish & Wildlife (PFW) USFWS Statewide Continuous


Program Name Summary: Eligibility: Practices:
Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay and Chesapeake Forest Fund Tree Planting Program VDOF program Private landowners
  • Private landowners in counties in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed (see map in Fact Sheet)
  • Open land only – areas without trees for the past 10 years
Pine Bark Beetle Prevention Program
VDOF program Private landowners, active logging contractors
  • Pre-commercial pine thinning and longleaf pine planting and restoration - Landowners
  • First commercial thinning (small acreage) - Loggers
Emerald Ash Borer Program
VDOF program Private landowners, community organizations
  • Treatment of ash trees to protect a core surviving population of ash from devastation caused by emerald ash borer.
Reforestation of Timberlands

Provide cost-share assistance to landowners for pine reforestation.

Cost-share rates shall not exceed 75% of the total cost of the project.

The practices must be maintained for 10 years.

Private landowners, forest industry and large companies
  • Aerial and ground herbicide release application
  • Herbicide site preparation and planting
  • Planting pine seedlings
  • Site preparation and planting pine seedlings

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