Living In The Wildland Urban Interface

Living in a house surrounded by nature and woodlands can be peaceful and beautiful, but it can also be risky. Residents in rural areas may have a “back to nature” philosophy to leave their property and all of the property around them as undisturbed as possible. This philosophy can lead to insufficient access roads and hazardous fuel conditions near homes, creating a dangerous situation for rural homeowners and firefighters in the event of a wildfire.

Firewise principles are guidelines for subdivision and home design to increase the chances a community will survive a wildfire. Home designs should include a safe location for the house and the use of less combustible materials. Subdivision designs should include proper access and turn arounds, suitable signage, and adequate water supplies for fire control.

The following tools and recommendations are safety steps that will give your home a chance to survive while firefighters race to bring the wildfire under control. These steps can mean the difference between saving your property and total disaster!

Firewise Virginia Publications and Forms

Wildland/Urban Interface

  • Firewise - website for people who live, vacation or own homes in fire prone areas.

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