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About VDOF

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Virginia General Assembly

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Ecosystem Services

Fire Protection

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Forest Conservation

Conservation Programs and Options

Forestland Conservation Review

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Forest Economics

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Forest Education

Activity Sheets

Forest Facts

Camp Woods & Wildlife (formerly Holiday Lake Forestry Camp)

Identification of Trees, Shrubs and Woody Vines


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Forest Health

Forest Health Review

Insect and Disease Management

Cost-Share Programs

Invasive Species

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Forest Management

Financial Assistance

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Wildlife Management

Forest Products

Forest Certification

Forest Products Marketing

Timber Industry

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Forest Research

Forest Research Review

Native Species Restoration

Research Topics

Technical Research Reports

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Forest Survey

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Seedling Nurseries

Nursery Operations

Planting Trees

Seedling Sales

State Forests and Recreation

State Forests

State Forests - Individual

Urban and Community Forestry

Cooperator Resources

  • Tree Planting and Maintenance – Trees Virginia [Web format]
  • Urban and Community Forestry – Trees Virginia [Web format]
  • Utility-Friendly Trees – Trees Virginia [Web format]
  • Other Resources – Trees Virginia [Web format]
  • Virginia Cooperative Extension – List of trees, shrubs and ground cover publications [Web format]
  • International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) – [Web format]

Water Quality

Rain Gardens

Riparian Forest Buffers

Timber Harvesting


  • The Healthy Watersheds Forest Retention Project Phases 1 & 2 Final Report [PDF]

For archived publications: [ Water Quality – Archive ]

Other Publication Sources

  • Virginia Cooperative Extension – List of all publications [ Web format ]
  • Virginia Cooperative Extension – List of forestry publications [ Web format ]
  • Virginia Cooperative Extension – List of 4-H natural resources and environmental education publications [ Web format ]
  • Virginia Cooperative Extension – List of trees, shrubs and ground cover publications [ Web format ]
  • Forest Insect and Disease Leaflets Forest Health Topic Directory - Forest Health publications (USDA Forest Service) [ Web format ] [ Forest Health Protection Office ]
  • Southern Research Station Publication Search (USDA Forest Service) [ Web format ]
  • Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources – publications [ Web format ]
  • International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) – publications [ Web format ]
  • Trees Virginia – Tree Planting and Maintenance publications [ Web format ]

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