Forestry in Dinwiddie County, Virginia

Five Forks Work Area
serving the counties of Amelia, Chesterfield, Dinwiddie, Nottoway and Powhatan

Senior Area Forester: Heather Dowling. Cell: 804.895.4759
Forester: Rich Reuse. Cell: 804.840.2042
Forester: Doug Audley. Cell: 804.712.6322
Forester: Kathleen Ogilvy. Cell: 804.314.5904
Forester: Kirby Woolfolk. Cell: 434.294.1370
Forest Technician: Jack Colyer. Cell: 434.637.0261
Forest Technician: Tommy Nunnally. Cell: 804.931.1243

Virginia Department of Forestry
13209 Courthouse Road | Map and Directions to this office.
Dinwiddie, Virginia 23841
Phone: 804.469.7343 | FAX: 804.469.4221

General Information

Forest Management

The forest resource in Dinwiddie County comprises:

  • 244,049 acres of timberland (73% of the total land area).
    • Timberland Ownership:
    • 169,499 acres, private individuals and businesses (69%)
    • 64,864 acres, forest industry owning (27%)
    • 9,686 acres, state, federal and county government holding 4%.

The forests within Dinwiddie County are very diverse. They contain:

  • 84,130 acres, upland hardwood stands (34% of the forested area),
  • 52,134 acres,planted pine stands (21%),
  • 69,487 acres, mixed oak-pine stands (28%),
  • 34,366 acres, natural pine stands (14%),
  • 3,932 acres, lowland hardwood stands (2%).

The forests produce timber products, provide recreational opportunities, provide food and shelter for wildlife, and protect the area's water resources.

The forest resource is a very significant income producer to the county's economy.

Annual harvest:

  • 45.8 million board feet of sawtimber
  • 34 thousand cords of pulpwood

The average stumpage value of is $11.5 million is gained annually by landowners for standing timber sold within Dinwiddie County (winter, 1998 average prices). These harvests provie lumber for housing, furniture, and packaging, pulp for paper production, and numerous other forest products.

An estimated value of $559 million per year is added to the economy of Dinwiddie County through this infusion of dollars for stumpage, salaries paid to employees of wood producing and wood using businesses, profits from wood products, and the value of forest use for recreation (camping, hunting, hiking, etc).

The forests of Dinwiddie County are vital to the county's economy. They are a renewable resource which, if managed properly, can continue to provide monetary, aesthetic, and recreational benefits for generations to come.

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