Selling Trees, Timber Harvesting, Logging Your Property

Many landowners sell timber without professional advice. Studies show that landowners that use the services of a professional forester receive higher timber sale revenue.

VDOF foresters provide timber sales assistance including:

  • methods of selling timber
  • suggestions for timber sale contracts
  • lists of consulting foresters who provide timber valuation and sale administration

The Virginia Department of Forestry recommends all timber sales be bound by a written contract. Never use a verbal agreement to sell your trees.

A written contract protects both the buyer and the seller by identifying the responsibilities of each party. When drawing up a contract, an attorney should be consulted.

Managing Your Forest During Troubled Times

During troubled times, take care to pause and plan before you act when it comes to your forestland. PAUSE. PLAN. ACT.

For more information, Your Forest Savings Account During Troubled Times - Pause. Plan. Act.

Get Started Selling Timber

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