What is a private forestry services provider?

A private forestry services provider offers fee-based forestry services to the public.

A private forestry services provider:

  • Works in the best interest for you and your forest
  • Helps you manage your land and trees
  • Knows about forestry laws and regulations
  • Has forestry skills and experience
  • The Commonwealth of Virginia does not require private forestry services providers to be registered or licensed.

Your local VDOF forester offers free advice and, for a fee, helps write management plans.

Services provided by a private forestry services provider

  • Helps you write a Stewardship Management Plan based on what you want to do with your woods. The plan provides guidance through the life of your property.
  • Helps you improve your woodland, ensuring you can make money if you decide to sell your trees.
  • Helps you find “timber buyers” (people to buy your trees) and get you the best price.
  • Helps you plant new trees now so that you can make more money later.
  • Provides advice to attract more deer, quail, or turkeys to your woodland.
  • Helps you find people who will pay a fee for hunting in your woods.

All agreements in writing

Make sure you have a written agreement with the private forestry services provider you hire. The written agreement should cover:

  • What work will be performed.
  • Who will do the jobs.
  • Payments to the forester.
  • Who will pay the forester (you or the timber buyers).

How to choose a private forestry services provider

All private forestry services providers have basic forestry skills. Some private forestry services providers have specialized skills such as managing for wildlife.

Before you hire a private forestry services provider, you should:

  • Talk with a few providers, and ask them about their skills and experience.
  • Ask: what will you do and how much will your help cost?
  • Ask: do you also buy timber? If they do, it could represent a conflict of interest.
  • We encourage landowners to request several references from any private forestry services provider under consideration, and to contact those references before making their final decision.

Find a private forestry services provider

The performance of anyone listed is not guaranteed by the VDOF and no recommendation or sponsorship of any single individual or firm is implied.

This list ONLY includes anyone who has a BS degree or higher, or ten years experience (qualifies to use the title “Forester”), or requested to be listed on this website.

private forestry services provider List
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Private forestry services providers - To request to be on the list or update your information on the private forestry services provider list, submit Form 7.3 private forestry services provider Questionnaire