Service Fees

The Virginia Department of Forestry (VDOF) provides services to private landowners and charges fees for some of these services. These costs are considered part of the project expenses; as such, they can be in the cost-share computation.

Forest Stewardship Plans

The VDOF will prepare a Forest Stewardship Plan or Revised Forest Stewardship Plan for a charge of $1.50 per acre for every planned acre, with a minimum charge of $200.00 per plan.

Forest Stewardship Plans can also be provided by consulting foresters, who set their own fees.

Land Use Plan

Land-Use Plans can be used to meet county requirements for Use Value Taxation. These plans are concise documents about two pages in length. They include a map as well as very brief information about the present forest stand, soils, and general forest management recommendations. The VDOF charges a flat rate of $200.00 per plan.

Seedling Delivery

For Seedling Orders received by the VDOF, there will be a delivery charge of $2.00/Mile (per Loaded mile), with a minimum charge of $50.00 per delivery. (This does not apply to orders less than 1000, which are shipped by UPS). This applies to deliveries from the nearest VDOF storage area to the planting site for tree seedlings. With prior arrangements, the seedlings may be picked up at one of the VDOF storage sites by the landowner, their agent or planting contractor. In this case, no cost would be charged for delivery of seedlings.

Planting Coordination

There will be a fee for the coordination of planting projects of $5.00 per acre with a minimum charge of $75.00 per planting project for all projects. This includes:

  • Designating the area for planting (may include mapping the project area if not already done)
  • Providing estimate of seedlings and acres to plant.
  • Arranging for a planting contractor, including contacting potential tree planting contractors, scheduling tentative date for crew arrival, and getting estimate of crew size from each contractor.
  • Coordinating delivery of trees from nurseries to coincide with planting contractor arrival and planting production.
  • Instructing crews on proper handling of seedlings, required spacing and correct planting techniques.
  • Providing a map of planting site and arranging to show site to contractor.
  • Checking the planting quality including spot checks for spacing, seedling care and correct planting.
  • Notifying the landowner when the project is completed.

VDOF provides free of charge:

  • Needs determination and cost-share plan for planting projects, with cost share. This plan would include plant species, spacing and a map of the area to be planted.
  • Check to confirm seedlings have been planted to approve cost share or Alternate Management Plan.
  • Inspect the area to determine seedling survival and/or the need for further treatment, the winter following planting.

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