Monitoring Timber Harvesting BMP Implemetation in Virginia

Photo: Forest stream.Loggers operating in Virginia are required to prevent sediment pollution in the waters of Virginia due to their operations. VDOF recommends the use of site specific BMPs to prevent pollution. The Silvicultural Water Quality Law in Virginia (§10.1-1181.2) does not require the use of BMPs. It simply requires pollution prevention and/or remediation by whatever means necessary. This outcome based approach has proven very effective and BMP audits are performed to determine implementation rates on average as well as effective use of specific BMPs in Virginia. Virginia’s audit process conforms to the principles of the Southern Group of State Foresters Water Resources Committee (SGSF-WRC) protocol.

Summary reports of the field audits are available below in PDF format.

Silvicultural Best Management Practices Implementation Monitoring for Virginia – [ PDF format ]

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