Acorn and Nut Collection

The Virginia Department of Forestry (DOF) collects a variety of species of acorns and nuts that can be planted at its Augusta Nursery (Crimora, Va.) to grow into tree seedlings that will become the forests of tomorrow. These seeds will produce next year’s hardwood seedling crop, which will be sold to Virginia’s forestland owners. Seedlings grown from Virginia-grown seed generally produce trees that will best thrive in our state’s climates.

Certain nuts can be difficult to find regionally, and availability can change year to year. At times, one species of tree in a region may produce minimal acorns, while others are abundant. This is why DOF puts out a call-to-action for landowners across the state. The more trees that can be identified for collection, the more nuts can be potentially planted in the nursery.

Virginia landowners interested in sharing their acorns or nuts are asked to review Seeking Acorns and Nuts to Grow Seedlings to learn about the species needed and procedures for collecting acorns and nuts.

Additional Resources

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Acorn and Nut Identification Guide
Acorn and Nut Identification GuideFT0060

Forestry topic information sheet helps in identifying the most common acorns and nuts in Virginia to assist in the collection for our nursery.

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Seeking Acorns and Nuts to Grow Seedlings - We Need Your Help
Seeking Acorns and Nuts to Grow Seedlings – We Need Your HelpFT0011

Forestry topic information sheet encourages citizens to get involved in the collection of acorns and nuts for propagation at our nursery, including the species needed, how and when to collect, and where to deliver seed.


Contact Us

For more information or questions, or if you need help identifying a tree before you collect the acorns or nuts, e-mail us or use our contact form, or call the Augusta Nursery at (540)363-7000.