Virginia’s Forest Composition

Forest Types

  • More than 75% of Virginia’s forests are hardwood.
  • Pine makes up 21%, about two thirds of which were planted pines.

Forest Stand Size

  • More than 60% of Virginia’s forests are large diameter (11 inches for hardwood/9 inches for softwood).

Forest Volume

  • The volume of Virginia’s forest has increased steadily since 1940.

Top Tree Species in Virginia

  • In Virginia, loblolly pine and yellow-poplar are the most common trees in terms of volume, while red maple and loblolly pine are the most common trees in terms of number of trees.
By VolumeBy Number of Trees
1. Loblolly Pine1. Red Maple
2. Yellow-Poplar2. Loblolly Pine
3. Chestnut Oak3. Yellow-Poplar
4. White Oak4. Sweetgum
5. Red Maple5. American Holly
6. Northern Red Oak6. Black Gum
7. Sweetgum7. White Oak
8. Scarlet Oak8. Virginia Pine
9. Virginia Pine9. Hornbeam
10. Eastern White Pine10. Chestnut Oak

Additional Resources

  • Learn more about the forest inventory in Virginia and read forest inventory analysis reports.
  • View the USDA Forest Service online application EVALIDator to query forest attributed across the United States, including Virginia.

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