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Timber sales can be complex, but forest landowners can make the most of this unique opportunity to generate revenue, achieve ownership goals, and ensure compliance with Virginia’s forest laws.

  • Get a professional forester to develop a management plan and determine if it is ready to harvest.
  • Hire a private consulting forester review (“cruise”) the timber, evaluate and value timber, and coordinate the timber sale.
  • The seller should get a written contract, which protects both the buyer and the seller by identifying the responsibilities of each party. Never use a verbal agreement to sell your trees.

Selling Methods

Methods of selling timber fall into three categories – there are advantages and disadvantages to each method.

  • Sealed Bid.
  • Fixed Price Negotiation.
  • Percent Basis Negotiation.

Forestry Services – Public and Private

We recommend getting professional guidance to help you with selling your timber and ensure your goals as a landowner are met.

Virginia Department of Forestry Services

  • Forest Management Plans
  • Explain methods of selling timber
  • Pre-Harvest Plans
  • Lists of private consulting foresters and timber buyers who provide timber valuation and sale administration
  • Suggestions for timber sale contracts

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Private Consulting Forester Services

  • Timber appraisal
  • Harvest planning
  • Timber sale coordination
  • Financial planning
  • Boundary marking

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Loggers and Timber Harvesters

  • Regeneration harvests
  • Thinning harvests
  • Partial harvests
  • Timber stand improvement harvests
  • Timber purchasing
  • Road construction and BMP work

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Additional Resources

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National Timber Tax Website
National Timber Tax Website

The National Timber Tax Website was developed to be used by timberland owners, as well as a reference for accountants, attorneys, consulting foresters and other professionals who work with timberland owners regarding the tax treatment of timber related activities.

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Timber Sales
Timber SalesP00118

Brochure offers guidance to landowner’s considering selling the timber from their property, including planning for success, selling methods, forest law compliance, public forestry services, private forestry services, and timber sale contract provisions. Printed copies available.


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