Hardwood Initiative Tax Credit Program

The Hardwood Initiative Tax Credit equals the out-of-pocket cost of management work up to $1,000 per taxpayer per tax year. In order to receive the tax credit, landowners must:

  • Have a management plan that includes at least one hardwood best practice.
  • Get their management plan approved by their local DOF forester.
  • Complete the work (verified by DOF staff).
  • Have an expenditure in getting the work completed.

Landowners may apply for and receive the tax credit and state or federal cost share including the Hardwood Initiative Cost-Share Program, Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP), Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP), Virginia Agricultural Cost Share (VACS) and Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP), provided they still have out-of-pocket expense after the cost-share payments.

To Apply

Applications are made through local DOF foresters. Applicants can expect to receive approved tax credits within eight weeks of submitting their application.

To learn whether this tax credit is right for your forest, consult your local DOF forester.

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Additional Resources

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Hardwood Initiative Tax Credit Application
Hardwood Initiative Tax Credit Application7.29

Application for to apply for Hardwood Initiative Tax Credit.

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Hardwood Initiative Tax Credit Program - Offering Tax Incentives for Hardwood Management
Hardwood Initiative Tax Credit Program – Offering Tax Incentives for Hardwood ManagementFT0062

Forestry topic information sheet provides information about Department of Forestry’s Hardwood Initiative Tax Credit Program, who is eligible and what qualifies for the tax credit.

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