Legacy and Estate Planning

Legacy PlanningManaging a healthy, productive forest is inherently a long-term commitment, and most forests will long outlive their current owners. Landowners must consider what will happen to the property that will outlast them. Typically, this involves transferring the land to the next generation, but this requires planning and dedication.

The Virginia Department of Forestry (DOF) encourages landowners to engage with the ongoing process of legacy planning for their forest properties. Legacy planning involves educating and connecting with the next generation of land stewards for the family property.

As a landowner, you’re responsible for passing on the stewardship values associated with your land. These values can inform the decisions made about the property long into the future. Engaging the next generation in your property management builds a strong foundation for the eventual change in ownership.

Legacy planning is not a one-time action. These efforts can – and should – be ongoing and may evolve with the family over time. Legacy planning includes both the practical plans for the land transfer as well as what you hope future generations will prioritize for the property.

Estate planning is a more specific tool within the broader category of “legacy planning”. Estate planning typically involves coordinating legal and financial expertise to identify how the property will be transferred and managed in the future. Through estate planning, landowners may engage with attorneys and/or financial advisors to prepare legal documents and accounts for your estate (including all personal assets such as your land). These consultants can best help you apply appropriate legal and financial structures when they understand your goals.

Planning for the long-term future of your forested property goes beyond drafting legal and financial documents – although these are important planning tools, too. Communication and engagement build the values and knowledge necessary to properly manage a forest legacy.

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Forest Legacy Program
Forest Legacy ProgramP00200

Brochure provides information regarding the Forest Legacy Program available to landowners for conserving their forestland, including program overview, public purposes, methods of acquisition, application process, and program requirements. Printed copies available.

Forest Legacy Program Request for Proposals
Forest Legacy Program Request for Proposals

The Forest Legacy Program assists in protecting important forested lands through conservation easements and fee simple land purchases. Conservation easements allow private individuals to retain ownership while conserving forested lands to protect forested lands, in perpetuity, for future generations. Applications are accepted via requests for proposals.

Landowner Options for Forestland Conservation
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Brochure provides information regarding options available to landowners for conserving their forestland, including use-value taxation, ag and forestal districts, riparian Buffer tax credit, cost-share assistance, conservation easements, purchase of development rights, grants for fee-simple acquisition and easements, and donations of property. Printed copies available.

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Legacy Planning Stories

Stories about how landowners “like me” are ensuring the future of their land.

Legacy Planning… A Guide for Virginia Landowners
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A comprehensive guide to successful legacy planning for your forestland.

Plan Your Forest's Future
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Brochure provides information regarding the responsibility of owning forestland and the importance of planning your forest’s future, conserving your forestland, forest planning options, types of plans, elements of a plan, and benefits of a plan. Printed copies available.

Tax Tips for Forest Landowners for the 2021 Tax Year
Tax Tips for Forest Landowners for the 2021 Tax YearFS-1188

This USDA Forest Service publication provides tax tips intended to assist forest landowners and their tax advisors in preparing 2021 Federal income tax returns. It can also help plan for future years. This material is for information and educational use only and is not intended as financial, tax, or legal advice. Please consult with your tax advisor concerning your particular tax situation.

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Woodland Owner Legacy Planning Benefits and Barriers
Woodland Owner Legacy Planning Benefits and Barriers

Summary report of research about the benefits and barriers for landowners in keeping their forestland in tact.


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