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The Virginia Department of Forestry relies on agency and cooperator firefighters to provide the resources needed to efficiently suppress wildfire emergencies throughout the Commonwealth. The DOF is proud of the fact that agency firefighters are trained and qualified to national level standards recognized throughout the nation.

Learn more about firefighter certifications and qualifications.


To accomplish this task, the agency relies on training and development activities throughout the year; employee development through a national mentorship process; and opportunities to build experience on larger national level incident responses during certain times of the year.

Learn more about firefighter training opportunities.

National Deployments

Virginia Department of Forestry also deploys wildland agency resources in support of wildfires and all-hazard incidents on a national basis. These deployments support other state forestry agencies, federal agencies and others, as well as provide excellent experience for Virginia wildland firefighters.

DOF participates in agreements in support of nearby state forestry agencies, whereby DOF may send emergency resources to requesting states in support of emergency response and wildfire emergency. In turn, Virginia may request resources to come to Virginia to assist when needed. These deployments are typically handled through the DOF Fire and Emergency Response Branch.

Virginia resources may also be dispatched nationally through the Virginia Interagency Coordination Center, located at the DOF Headquarters in Charlottesville.

Learn more about national deployments through our Virginia Interagency Coordination Center .

Incident Management Resources

Additional Resources

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DOF Part-Time Firefighter Pay and Qualification Matrix
DOF Part-Time Firefighter Pay and Qualification Matrix

Part-time firefighter pay level and qualification requirements for DOF part-time firefighters.

Employee Direct Deposit Authorization (Dept. of Accounts)
Employee Direct Deposit Authorization (Dept. of Accounts)Viewfinanceform
Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate
Employee’s Withholding Allowance CertificateW-4Viewhuman-resourcesform
Evidence Protection
Evidence ProtectionP00141

Brochure serves as a guide to first-response emergency personnel for protecting life and property, putting the fire out, and securing the scene; providing steps that should be taken at the time of dispatch, en-route, upon arrival, suppression, and securing the area. Printed copies available.

Federal I-9 - Employment Eligibility Verification (DHS)
Federal I-9 – Employment Eligibility Verification (DHS)I-9Viewhuman-resourcesform
Fighting Wildfire in Virginia
Fighting Wildfire in VirginiaP00148

Brochure provides a safety and logistical briefing to wildfire personnel fighting wildfire in Virginia, including DOF-provided meals, lodging, personnel/crew time, medical needs, nature’s hazards, and other guidelines for Virginia wildfires.

Incident Command System (ICS) Forms Package (zip file)

Zip files contains pdf forms of most commonly used ICS forms used in incident management and development of an incident action plan.

Incident Qualification System (IQS) Data Collection
Incident Qualification System (IQS) Data Collection4.25Viewfire-and-emergency-responseform
Incident Qualification System (IQS) Data Update
Incident Qualification System (IQS) Data Update4.26Viewfire-and-emergency-responseform
Informed Consent for Work Capacity Tests
Informed Consent for Work Capacity Tests8.03Viewhuman-resourcesform
Outdoor Fire Laws
Outdoor Fire LawsP00107

Brochure provides an overview, as well as detailed fire law information in the Commonwealth of Virginia, encouraging citizens to know the forest fire laws and local ordinances before burning, and safety tips for burning. Printed copies available.

Virginia Income Tax Withholding Exemption (VA Dept. of Taxation)
Virginia Income Tax Withholding Exemption (VA Dept. of Taxation)VA-4Viewhuman-resourcesform
Virginia's Forestry Laws
Virginia’s Forestry LawsP00002

Pocket guide provides detailed information about the forestry laws in Virginia, including general forestry laws, forest fire laws and penalties, certified prescribed burn manager laws, seed tree laws, riparian forest buffer tax credit laws, debris in streams laws and penalties, silvicultural water quality laws and penalties, and more. Printed copies available.

Wage Employment Application
Wage Employment Application8.07

Application form for hiring part-time personnel, including part-time fire and emergency response personnel.


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