Dry Hydrant Program

In rural areas where water mains and conventional fire hydrants are not accessible, installation of permanent dry hydrants may be an alternative solution for firefighting operations. Dry hydrants are non-pressurized pipe systems that draft water from an adjacent body of water (such as a pond or stream).

One end of the pipe system is situated in the water source, and the other end is available near the roadside, where firefighters can connect to the hydrant and pump from the water source.

Dry hydrants are typically constructed of inexpensive materials that are easy to maintain.

Dry Hydrant Grant Program

The Virginia Dry Fire Hydrant grant program provides funding to cover the costs of installation and repair of dry hydrants to support firefighting operations.

The program is a joint effort between the Virginia Department of Fire Programs and the Virginia Department of Forestry (DOF) that provides state level funding on an annual basis for the installation of dry hydrants across the Commonwealth.

Program support is available at the request of Virginia fire departments who secure approval from local landowners. The program provides 100% of the funding necessary to cover the expenses of new installations and repairs under the program.

Virginia fire departments interested in the program are encouraged to seek new locations suitable for dry hydrant installations and to take advantage of the program by submitting a request for funding assistance to the DOF.

To Apply

Applicant should submit Form 4.30 Dry Fire Hydrant Grant Program Application to the DOF Fire and Emergency Response Branch.

Application Deadline

March 31 each year

A variety of financial assistance programs exist through DOF and partner agencies for wildfire preparation and suppression, as well as forest management activities.

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