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Farm Life 360
Farm Life 360

Video provides a 360° forestry experience on a timber harvest. Read the Fact Sheet or do the Activity Suggestion: Create a Tree.

05/18/2020Vieweducation forest-management water-quality public-informationkids-resources timber-harvesting
Firewise Landscaping Part 1: Overview
Firewise Landscaping Part 1: OverviewViewfire-and-emergency-responsefirewise firewise-landscaping
Firewise Landscaping Part 2: Design and Installation
Firewise Landscaping Part 2: Design and InstallationViewfire-and-emergency-responsefirewise firewise-landscaping
Firewise Landscaping Part 3: Maintenance
Firewise Landscaping Part 3: MaintenanceViewfire-and-emergency-responsefirewise firewise-landscaping
Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Soil Drench Treatment
Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Soil Drench Treatment

Video on how to do soil drench treatment method for hemlock trees published by Georgia Forestry Commission.

Viewforest-healthhemlock-woolly-adelgid insects