Hardwood Initiative Cost-Share Program


The Hardwood Initiative Cost-Share Program provides cost share to private landowners (individuals, companies, LLCs, NGOs) who complete eligible hardwood management practices as recommended by a DOF forester. Cost share will be 75% of the cost, not to exceed the following per-acre limits:

  • Competing Vegetation Control (native or invasive) – $100*
  • Crop Tree Release – $140*
  • Mid-story removal – $175*
  • Prescribed Burning (including firebreak installment) – $35*
  • Stand Marking – $57*
  • Timber Stand Improvement – $175*


In addition to the per-acre limits, the hardwood initiative cost share has a 5-acre minimum and a maximum of 100 acres per tract, per landowner, per year.

To learn whether any of these practices are right for your forest, consult your local DOF forester.

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Hardwood Initiative Cost-Share Program - Cost Assistance for Hardwood Management
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Forestry topic information sheet provides information about Department of Forestry’s Hardwood Initiative Cost-Share Program, who is eligible and what qualifies for cost share.

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