Landowner Assistance for Forest Management

 The Virginia Department of Forestry (DOF) was established in 1914 for an initial purpose of preventing and suppressing forest fires and to reforest bare lands. Since that time, DOF has grown and evolved to include other purposes including protecting Virginia’s waters, conserving Virginia’s forests, managing state lands, and nurseries, administering several landowner incentive programs, and managing the forest resource.

Most of Virginia’s forestland is privately owned (more than 13 million acres). Approximately 521,000 individuals and families in Virginia hold a total of approximately 9.8 million acres, about 61% of the forest resource. To achieve the goal of “managing the forest resource,” DOF provides forestry educational opportunities and technical assistance to the many landowners across the Commonwealth. This landowner assistance takes many forms, from one-on-one meetings with landowners to walk their property, discuss forest management opportunities, and develop written management plans, to speaking with groups of landowners about specific forest management practices.

Managing forest resources can sometimes be a complex undertaking for landowners. The DOF landowner assistance programs provide professional forestry assistance to help landowners successfully manage their forest resources and reach their current goals and objectives while still protecting, conserving and managing a forest resource for future generations.

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A variety of financial assistance programs are available through DOF and partner agencies for forest management activities.

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Forests and Water - Get the Most Out of Your Land
Forests and Water – Get the Most Out of Your LandP00211

Publication is directed to landowners to educate about forest buffers, stream water quality, watersheds, riparian buffer tax credit program and other programs that can assist. Printed copies available.

National Timber Tax Website
National Timber Tax Website

The National Timber Tax Website was developed to be used by timberland owners, as well as a reference for accountants, attorneys, consulting foresters and other professionals who work with timberland owners regarding the tax treatment of timber related activities.

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Plan Your Forest's Future
Plan Your Forest’s FutureP00205

Brochure provides information regarding the responsibility of owning forestland and the importance of planning your forest’s future, conserving your forestland, forest planning options, types of plans, elements of a plan, and benefits of a plan. Printed copies available.

Riparian Forest Buffers - Forests on the Water's Edge
Riparian Forest Buffers – Forests on the Water’s EdgeP00140

Publication is the effort of the Chesapeake Bay Program, including multiple states within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, to educate the community leaders and the public about the benefits of riparian forest Buffers, their importance to watersheds for air quality, water quality and fish and wildlife habitat, forest Buffer losses and how we manage growth in riparian zones, how to maintain quality riparian forest Buffers, efforts in riparian forest restoration, and what you can do for forest Buffers. Printed copies available.

Services for Landowners
Services for LandownersP00112

Brochure provides information about the services available to landowners from the Virginia Department of Forestry, including forest management and forest health, timber harvesting and water quality, land conservation, tree seedling production, and resource protection. Printed copies available.

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Timber Harvesting and Water Quality
Timber Harvesting and Water QualityP00132

Brochure educates landowners and harvesters about the impact of timber harvesting on water quality and the steps required to maintain compliance with applicable laws during pre-harvest planning, harvesting and tract closeout after harvesting. Printed copies available.


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