Virginia Interagency Coordination Center

The Virginia Interagency Coordination Center (VICC) is collocated in DOF’s agency headquarters building in Charlottesville, VA. The Center serves as the state link into the national coordination center network, which is responsible for the movement of wildland agency resources in support of wildfires and all-hazard incidents on a national basis. The agency’s close tie to the VICC provides a unique opportunity for the training and development of agency personnel, and is a big reason DOF has been able to develop the Commonwealth’s highest level of incident management experience among response agencies.

The VICC also provides the opportunity for the hiring of short duration “emergency firefighter” or “AD hire” assignments to fill roles on emergency incidents throughout the nation.

The necessary VICC hiring forms and additional information are available here:

Contact VICC

E-mail Virginia Interagency Coordination Center  | (434)423-2002