State-Owned Lands

While Virginia Department of Forestry (DOF) focuses much effort on working with private landowners with their forestland, DOF also has a role in assisting with forest management on state-owned lands.

State-Owned Lands Program

The Virginia General Assembly created the State-Owned Lands Program in 1980 with the passage of four codes that govern the program – Code of Virginia § 10.1-1120 – § 10.1-1123, tasking DOF with managing this State-Owned Lands Program.

The State-Owned Lands Program was established to provide services that will meet the forest management needs on certain State-Owned Lands. The State-Owned Lands Program focuses on providing a customized forest management plan to meet the owner-agency’s objectives for each property. Plans are reviewed and updated every 10 years and copies are provided to the agency representative. All agency and state-funded institutions are covered by the State-Owned Lands Program except for lands owned by the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), the Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR), and lands owned by the Department of Forestry. DOF, with authorization from the Department of General Services, provides administration and oversight of timber sales from all properties covered by the program.

The State-Owned Lands management fund is applicable to both general-fund and special-fund properties. Timber sale revenues from special-fund properties are deposited to the departments or institutions owning these properties net of forest management expenses.

Monies from the Fund help to offset desired practices and project costs, encourage long-term management investments, promote good conservation and production practices, and maintain the forest resource for a vibrant forest economy in Virginia.

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