Prescribed Burn Manager Tools

Fires play a vital role in keeping certain types of forests, grasslands, and other landscapes healthy. Many land managers embrace prescribed fire – that is, setting intentional, controlled fires in a specific area with a specific goal – as a necessary and useful tool to prevent dangerous wildfires and manage certain landscapes for long-term ecological health. DOF encourages the responsible use of controlled burning for the management of Virginia’s natural resources.

Prescribed fire is an important tool for the management of Virginia’s natural resources. The DOF encourages the use of prescribed fire and provides tools to assist burn managers.

Cooperative Efforts

The Virginia Prescribed Fire Council is a unique group in Virginia focused on promoting the use of prescribed fire for ecological benefits. Its membership includes representation from nearly every entity in the Commonwealth with an interest in increasing the use of controlled fire for managing Virginia resources.

Certified Prescribed Burn Managers

To promote the use of prescribed fire in Virginia, as well as raise the knowledge and awareness of Virginia’s prescribed burn practitioners, the Virginia Department of Forestry (DOF) has established a Certified Prescribed Burn Managers Program. The voluntary three-day program includes sessions on fire behavior, environmental effects of fire, and smoke management.

Learn more about the Certified Burn Managers Program.

Additional Resources

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Application for Exemption to the 4PM Burning Law
Application for Exemption to the 4PM Burning Law4.07Viewfire-and-emergency-responseform
Fire Effects Guide
Fire Effects GuideNFES 2394Viewfire-and-emergency-responsepublication
Prescribed Burn Management Plan4.09Viewfire-and-emergency-responseform
Prescribed Burning Services Agreement
Prescribed Burning Services Agreement4.10Viewfire-and-emergency-responseform
Refining the Oak-Fire Hypothesis for Management of Oak-Dominated Forests of the Eastern United States
Refining the Oak-Fire Hypothesis for Management of Oak-Dominated Forests of the Eastern United StatesJAF 110(5)

For prescribed fires to be effective, they must positively influence oak regeneration at one or more critical life stages: pollination, flowering, seed set, germination, establishment, seedling development and release into the canopy.  The authors propose a refinement in our thinking to improve the match between management tools and objectives and provide some guidelines for thinking more ecologically about when and where to apply fire on the landscape to sustain oak-dominated forests. A very helpful key is provided on page 7 to help managers identify when fire will help managing the forest.

Viewfire-and-emergency-response forest-managementpublication
Virginia Smoke Management Guidelines
Virginia Smoke Management GuidelinesViewfire-and-emergency-responsepublication

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