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The Virginia Department of Forestry (DOF) is heavily reliant on the assistance of fire departments throughout the Commonwealth for the efficient response to wildfire emergencies. In support of this key cooperator group, the DOF provides at least four key programs which provide support and resources to rural fire departments.

Two programs focus on equipment assistance for fire departments.

Federal Firefighter Property Program

Thanks to a Federal Firefighter Property program administered by the USDA Forest Service, DOF is able to acquire and loan vehicles and equipment to rural fire departments which are designed to increase the capacity of these departments to respond to wildfires throughout the Commonwealth.

Learn more about the Federal Firefighter Property Program.

Dry Fire Hydrant Grant Program

State funding available from the Fire Programs fund provides Virginia with a Dry Fire Hydrant grant program. Virginia’s Dry Fire Hydrant grant program works to provide a more available and reliable rural water supply in support of firefighting needs. The program provides 100% of the cost of installation of new hydrants at approved sites throughout the Commonwealth.

Learn more about the Dry Fire Hydrant Grant Program.

Firefighting Training

DOF also provides numerous training opportunities on a local, regional, and state level, for agency wildfire cooperators throughout the Commonwealth. The training uses national standard course work to provide increased capacity in the areas of wildfire suppression and emergency incident management. One key goal of this training is to provide educational opportunities for members of rural fire departments to facilitate more efficient wildfire suppression and management.

Learn more about firefighter training opportunities.

Volunteer Fire Assistance Grants

Finally, DOF provides the Volunteer Fire Assistance (VFA) grant program. The program provides a 50% cost reimbursement for the purchase of personal protective equipment (PPE), tools, and equipment for rural volunteer fire departments. As a key cooperator in the suppression of nearly every Virginia wildfire, this program allows the agency to provide critically needed federal funding to directly support fire departments in the Commonwealth.

Learn more about the Volunteer Fire Assistance Program.

Additional Resources

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Become a Wildland Firefighter
Become a Wildland FirefighterP00149

Brochure provides information to help get started in becoming a wildland firefighter in Virginia. Firefighters must meet certain training, fitness, and service requirements.

Viewfire-and-emergency-response human-resourcespublication
Dry Fire Hydrant Grant Program Application
Dry Fire Hydrant Grant Program Application4.30Viewfinancial-assistance-fire-and-emergency-response fire-and-emergency-responseform
Dry Hydrant Manual
Dry Hydrant ManualR8-TP-19Viewfinancial-assistance-fire-and-emergency-response fire-and-emergency-responsepublication
Evidence Protection
Evidence ProtectionP00141

Brochure serves as a guide to first-response emergency personnel for protecting life and property, putting the fire out, and securing the scene; providing steps that should be taken at the time of dispatch, en-route, upon arrival, suppression, and securing the area. Printed copies available.

Fighting Wildfire in Virginia
Fighting Wildfire in VirginiaP00148

Brochure provides a safety and logistical briefing to wildfire personnel fighting wildfire in Virginia, including DOF-provided meals, lodging, personnel/crew time, medical needs, nature’s hazards, and other guidelines for Virginia wildfires.

Firefighter Property Program Cooperative Equipment Possession Agreement
Firefighter Property Program Cooperative Equipment Possession Agreement4.29Viewfinancial-assistance-fire-and-emergency-response fire-and-emergency-responseform
Firefighter Property Program Request for Federal Excess Property
Firefighter Property Program Request for Federal Excess Property4.24Viewfinancial-assistance-fire-and-emergency-response fire-and-emergency-responseform
Outdoor Fire Laws
Outdoor Fire LawsP00107

Brochure provides an overview, as well as detailed fire law information in the Commonwealth of Virginia, encouraging citizens to know the forest fire laws and local ordinances before burning, and safety tips for burning. Printed copies available.

Virginia's 4PM Burning Law Amended for Orchard and Vineyard Growers
Virginia’s 4PM Burning Law Amended for Orchard and Vineyard Growers

Information sheet provides guidance regarding the 4PM burning law amended for orchard and vineyard growers allowing burning for freeze/frost protection.

Virginia's Forestry Laws
Virginia’s Forestry LawsP00002

Pocket guide provides detailed information about the forestry laws in Virginia, including general forestry laws, forest fire laws and penalties, certified prescribed burn manager laws, seed tree laws, riparian forest buffer tax credit laws, debris in streams laws and penalties, silvicultural water quality laws and penalties, and more. Printed copies available.

Wildfire Smoke - A Guide for Public Health Officials and Factsheets
Wildfire Smoke – A Guide for Public Health Officials and Factsheets

This document, originally developed by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), is designed to help local public health officials prepare for smoke events, to take measures to protect the public when smoke is present, and communicate with the public about wildfire smoke and health.


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