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The Virginia Department of Forestry (VDOF) maintains local offices and is headquartered in Charlottesville. Questions about a VDOF program? Contact your local office.

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Headquarters, Regional Offices and Field Offices

Agency Headquarters

Virginia Department of Forestry
Fontaine Research Park
900 Natural Resources Drive
Suite 800
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903

  • Phone: 434.977.6555
  • FAX: 434.296.2369

State Forester: Rob Farrell
Deputy State Forester: Ed Zimmer
Assistant State Forester: Terry Lasher
Chief of Administration: John Colligan

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Eastern Region Office

11301 Pocahontas Trail
Providence Forge, Virginia 23140

  • Phone: 804.966.5092
  • FAX: 804.966.9801

Regional Forester: Bryant Bays. Office: 804.966.5092. Cell: 540.558.8423
Deputy Regional Forester: John Hisghman. Office: 804.966.5092. Cell: 757.293.8072

Forest Conservation Specialist: Amanda Scheps. Office: 804.966.5092. Cell: 804.347.3115
Pine Resource Specialist: Brian Lacey. Office: 804.834.2300. Cell:  804.896.4083
Long/Shortleaf Pine Coordinator: Jim Schroering. Office: 804.834.2300. Cell: 804.704.0103
Regional Fire Specialist: Heather Tuck. Office: 804.966.5092. Cell: 804.317.3737

Water Quality Specialist: Nelson Hillyer. Office: 804.443.2211. Cell: 804.296.8771
Water Quality Specialist: Steve Coleman. Office: 434.532.9274. Cell: 434.532.9274

Program Support Technician: Cindy Bronner. Office: 804.443.2211
Program Support Technician: Lisa Burke. Office: 804.966.2201

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Central Region Office

900 Natural Resources Drive
Suite 800
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903

  • Phone: 434.977.1375
  • FAX: 434.220.9189

Regional Forester: Robbie Talbert. Office: 434.220.9181. Cell: 434.962.1612
Deputy Regional Forester: Justin Barnes. Office: 434.220-9178. Cell: 804.221.7972

Forest Conservation Specialist: Kim Biasiolli. Office: 434.220.9184. Cell: 434.270.3045
Pine Resource Specialist: Peter Eales. Office: 434.476.6372. Cell: 434.471.0182
Regional Fire Specialist: Chad Stover. Office: 434.220.9091. Cell: 540.236.4553
Water Quality Engineer: Rodney Newlin. Office: 434.220.9180. Cell: 434.962.3395
Water Quality Specialist: Adam Cumpston. Office: 804.356.7786
Water Quality Specialist: Kevin Dawson. Cell: 540.357.0310
Water Quality Specialist: Don Giegerich. Office: 434.476.6372. Cell: 434.907.1631
Wtaer Quality Specialist: Derek Keiser. Cell: 540.460.8642
Wtaer Quality Specialist: Stephen Jasenak. Cell: 434.329.0056

Program Support Technician: Charlene Bardon. Office:434.983.1486
Administrative Staff Assistant: Sandra Stephens. Office:434.220.9176

Central Region: Map and Directions

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Western Region Office

210 Riverland Drive
P.O. Box 100
Salem, Virginia 24153-0100

  • Phone: 540.387.5461
  • FAX: 540.387.5445

Regional Forester: Chris Thomsen. Office: 540.387.5461. Cell: 540.871.8577
Deputy Regional Forester:Brad Carico. Office: 540.387.5461. Cell: 276.235.2501

State Lands Coordinator: Ed Stoots. Cell: 540-492-0152
Forest Conservation Specialit: Andrew Fotinos. Office: 540.387.5461. Cell: 540.553.5514
Regional Fire Specialist: Russell Proctor. Office: 276.676.5488. Cell: 276.608.5579

Water Quality Engineer: Chad Austin Cell: 276.235.2714
Water Quality Specialist: Andrew Vinson. Cell: 540.810.0153
Water Quality Specialist: Stuart Sours. Office: 540.493.5415. Cell: 540.493.5415
Water Quality Specialist: David Tolliver. Cell: 276.385.5661

Mechanic: Kenny Doss. Cell: 276.451.8717

Program Support Technician: MaryGay Altizer. Office: 276.676.5488
Program Support Technican: Debbie Zimniewicz. Office: 540.387.5461

Western Region: Map and Directions

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State Forest Office

Cumberland State Forest
751 Oak Hill Road
Cumberland, Virginia 23040

  • Phone: 804.492.4121
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Forestry Center Locations

Augusta Forestry Center

PO Box 160 Crimora, Virginia 24431
90 Forestry Center Lane
Crimora, Virginia 24431

  • Phone: 540.363.5732
  • FAX: 540.363.5055
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Garland Gray Forestry Center

19127 Sandy Hill Road
Courtland, Virginia 23837

  • Phone: 804.834.2855
  • FAX: 804.834.3141
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