Tags: Research Studies

No. 101 Loblolly Pine Release Study Report No. 26; by T. A. Dierauf

November 3, 2020 - Report summarizes findings from plots comparing release from hardwood competition by aerial application of herbicides at age three to no treatment and measured through age 19. Herbicide plots averaged 22% more basal area and 38% more volume than check plots.

No. 107 Loblolly Pine Seedling Grade – Effect on Survival and Growth Through 20 Years; by T. A. Dierauf, J. A. Scrivani, and L. A. Chandler

November 3, 2020 - Report summarizes 20-year growth of loblolly pine in studies comparing small, average, and large initial root collar diameter. Large seedlings survived only slightly better than average seedlings, but small seedlings suffered considerable mortality. Even if small seedlings had survived as well as the others, they would have produced significantly less volume.