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SPECIAL ALERT - Operations during Coronavirus

  • During this difficult time, VDOF is maintaining normal agency operations as much as possible through increased teleworking and staggered scheduling to minimize contact in office buildings and reduce risk.
  • We ask that you please contact VDOF staff and offices via email or cell phone contacts provided in the links below.

The Virginia Department of Forestry (VDOF) maintains local offices and is headquartered in Charlottesville. Questions about a VDOF program? Contact your local office.

City: Your Local Forester

County List: Your Local Forester

Headquarters, Regional Offices and Field Offices

Agency Headquarters

Virginia Department of Forestry
Fontaine Research Park
900 Natural Resources Drive
Suite 800
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903

  • Phone: 434.977.6555
  • FAX: 434.296.2369

State Forester: Rob Farrell
Deputy State Forester: Ed Zimmer
Assistant State Forester: Terry Lasher
Chief of Administration: John Colligan

Map and Directions

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Eastern Region Office

11301 Pocahontas Trail
Providence Forge, Virginia 23140

  • Phone: 804.966.5092
  • FAX: 804.966.9801

Regional Forester: Bryant Bays. Office: 804.966.5092. Cell: 540.558.8423
Deputy Regional Forester: John Hisghman. Office: 804.966.5092. Cell: 757.293.8072

Forest Conservation Specialist: Amanda Scheps. Office: 804.966.5092. Cell: 804.347.3115
Pine Resource Specialist: Brian Lacey. Office: 804.834.2300. Cell:  804.896.4083
Long/Shortleaf Pine Coordinator: Jim Schroering. Office: 804.834.2300. Cell: 804.704.0103
Regional Fire Specialist: Heather Tuck. Office: 804.966.5092. Cell: 804.317.3737

Water Quality Specialist: Nelson Hillyer. Office: 804.443.2211. Cell: 804.296.8771
Water Quality Specialist: Steve Coleman. Office: 434.532.9274. Cell: 434.532.9274

Program Support Technician: Cindy Bronner. Office: 804.443.2211
Program Support Technician: Lisa Burke. Office: 804.966.2201

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Central Region Office

900 Natural Resources Drive
Suite 800
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903

  • Phone: 434.977.1375
  • FAX: 434.220.9189

Regional Forester: Robbie Talbert. Office: 434.220.9181. Cell: 434.962.1612
Deputy Regional Forester: Justin Barnes. Office: 434.220-9178. Cell: 804.221.7972

Pine Resource Specialist: Peter Eales. Office: 434.476.6372. Cell: 434.471.0182
Regional Fire Specialist: Chad Stover. Office: 434.220.9091. Cell: 540.236.4553
Water Quality Engineer: Rodney Newlin. Office: 434.220.9180. Cell: 434.962.3395
Water Quality Specialist: Kevin Dawson. Cell: 540.357.0310
Water Quality Specialist: Don Giegerich. Office: 434.476.6372. Cell: 434.907.1631
Water Quality Specialist: Derek Keiser. Cell: 540.460.8642
Water Quality Specialist: Zoë Sumrall. Cell: 540.331.8268

Program Support Technician: Charlene Bardon. Office: 434.983.1486
Administrative Staff Assistant: Kathy Albertson. Office: 434.220.9176

Mechanic: J.D. Baker. Cell: 434.944.1963

Central Region: Map and Directions

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Western Region Office

210 Riverland Drive
P.O. Box 100
Salem, Virginia 24153-0100

  • Phone: 540.387.5461
  • FAX: 540.387.5445

Regional Forester: Chris Thomsen. Office: 540.387.5461. Cell: 540.871.8577
Deputy Regional Forester:Brad Carico. Office: 540.387.5461. Cell: 276.235.2501

State Lands Coordinator: Ed Stoots. Cell: 540-492-0152
Forest Conservation Specialit: Andrew Fotinos. Office: 540.387.5461. Cell: 434.270.4090
Regional Fire Specialist: Russell Proctor. Office: 276.676.5488. Cell: 276.608.5579

Water Quality Engineer: Chad Austin Cell: 276.235.2714
Water Quality Specialist: Adam Cumpston. Office: 804.356.7786. Cell: 804.356.7786
Water Quality Specialist: Andrew Vinson. Cell: 540.810.0153
Water Quality Specialist: Stuart Sours. Office: 540.493.5415. Cell: 540.493.5415

Mechanic: Kenny Doss. Cell: 276.451.8717

Program Support Technician: MaryGay Altizer. Office: 276.676.5488
Program Support Technican: Debbie Zimniewicz. Office: 540.387.5461

Western Region: Map and Directions

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State Forest Office

Cumberland State Forest
751 Oak Hill Road
Cumberland, Virginia 23040

  • Phone: 804.492.4121
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Forestry Center Locations

Augusta Forestry Center

PO Box 160 Crimora, Virginia 24431
90 Forestry Center Lane
Crimora, Virginia 24431

  • Phone: 540.363.5732
  • FAX: 540.363.5055
Map and Directions

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Garland Gray Forestry Center

19127 Sandy Hill Road
Courtland, Virginia 23837

  • Phone: 804.834.2855
  • FAX: 804.834.3141
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